TrekStor: The First Smartwatch Powered by Windows 10 Geared for Business

TrekStor: The First Smartwatch Powered by Windows 10 Geared for Business

TrekStor is a German Microsoft partner who is going to be making the first smartwatch to run on Windows 10 — and the most interesting part about it? The wearable is said to be geared towards business use.

Most smartwatches and hybrid wearables are geared towards the mass consumer market, where users wear them for fitness/health tracking, entertainment, notifications throughout the day, and for fashion. But with the TrekStor, it’s different.


This smartwatch will be running Windows 10 — a first in the wearables industry. However, while this sounds exciting and quite interesting, it wouldn’t do to get too excited — it has been said that the smartwatch will not be a rival to the Samsung Gear collection or the Apple Watch. This means that the expectations for the TrekStor smartwatch will not be very high. However, after the initial release, hopefully the feedback will create a new innovation to future Windows 10 wearables (if it succeeds).

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What we know

The new TrekStor is definitely going to be packed with Microsoft’s OS (10) crammed into a wearable that will be built for commercial and business uses. The smartwatch is going to run on Windows 10 IoT Core, specifically, so the device will be able to run Universal Windows Applications and will be able to connect to the cloud.


So far, the technical specifications are slim, as the idea has just been released to the public. However, we do know that as it sits, the watch will have a 1.54” display with Gorilla Glass 3 protecting the display. The case is expected to be made from steel and sit within a soft casing, which will have rubber/silicone straps integrated with the casing. This means that you should be able to customize your smartwatch by purchasing different color/material casings (which include the strap).

We also know that it will, of course, support notifications such as text and calls, as well as voice messages.

As far as connectivity options, there will be both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth onboard and it is said that there will be plenty of storage space, battery life, and processing power that is geared towards performing well in a variety of business-related scenarios.

A Microsoft blog post also revealed that potential business uses the TrekStor smartwatch could fulfil include:

  • Inventory Management (Retail)
  • Automation for Guest Services (Hospitality)
  • Industrial Automation (Manufacturing)
  • Patient Care (Healthcare)

…as well as a variety of other tasks.


What we think

Microsoft continues to push on with their VR (virtual reality) and mixed reality efforts as well as mobile smartphones and their booming computer and software products — it isn’t that surprising that they wished to expand into the wearables market.

However, it is surprising that rather than trying to compete on the level of mass market consumers, that Microsoft and TrekStor paired up to create a smartwatch geared towards business. We’re not sure how useful this type of wearable will be since most business software is already optimized for tablet-use and on-the-go / cloud-based functionality. Having a business-geared smartwatch may be redundant.

However, that being said, it is definitely a big deal that the OS that has appeared on so many devices like your PC and Windows smartphones is finally being making it’s way to a smartwatch.

Unfortunately, most of us will not have a reason to use it, and even most businesses may not find it worthwhile. However, we can see how a business-optimized smartwatch could be useful if it features a good intercommunication system from employee to employee as they work. Alarms, calendar appointments, reminders, inter-office communication, messages, and other business-related notifications could be of good use for a quick, hands-off approach.

Until then, we will have to wait over the next few months for TrekStor to release more details on this Windows 10 smartwatch device. So, if it is something you want to know more about, stay tuned.


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