Every Sony 2017 4K TV detailed

Every Sony 2017 4K TV detailed

We’ve bundled these two together because there’s a lot of crossover, with one main difference – the XE94 is a full array backlit set, while the XE93 packs Sony’s clever Slim Backlight Drive+ edge-lit technology instead.

We’re not even sure the XE94 really even counts as its own range when it comes in just one screen size (75in). As far as its standing in the line up goes, while it’s easily outdone by the ZD9’s denser backlighting line up, it’ll trump the XE93 for contrast performance thanks to its more sophisticated backlighting tech.

That’s not to take anything away from the XE93 though – its Slim Backlight Drive+ promises a picture that’ll put conventional edge lighting to shame. It uses improved tech that combines two edge LED modules with two layers of light guide plates, placed in sequence for better results.

This should double the number of local dimming zones compared to last year’s XD93 for more control and a better picture overall, particularly when combined with the X-Tended Dynamic Range Pro processing that pops up here too.

Other benefits include a slimmer design and cheaper price to the XE94, thanks to its less bulky, less costly lighting skills.

Elsewhere, you can count both the XE94 and XE93 in on the top-notch X1 Extreme processor too, plus they’ll both also squeeze in a Dolby Vision firmware update before the end of the year, for the holy trinity of HDR goodness.

Screen sizes and prices: XE94 – 75in (£TBC), XE93 – 55in (£2400), 65in (£3200)


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