Razer Hammerhead BT

Razer Hammerhead BT

Pairing takes a few seconds, with a long press on the inline remote. Once you’re connected, the Hammerhead BT’s 10mm drivers produce a warm, clear sound with plenty of low-end rumble.

Hardy surprising, when Razer’s tagline is “hammering in the bass”. This is not a set of audiophile in-ears, so if you’re after something with a neutral sound signature, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Bass-heavy genres have huge presence, but the high-end isn’t drowned out either. If you don’t mind a slightly overpowered low-end, these buds can still deliver crisp cymbal hits, hi-hats and decent vocal clarity.

With four sets of rubber ear tips in the box, you won’t struggle to get a comfortable fit, and while you don’t get foam Comply tips, there are dual-flanged tips that do a better job of sealing away outside noise.

There’s no sound leakage, either, so you won’t irk your fellow commuters even when you’ve cranked up the volume.

Battery life is respectable, too, lasting for around eight hours of music before needing a charge. That meant I could wear them all day, and not have to plug them in until I got home. Unless you’ve got a serious Spotify addiction, or want something to last an entire transatlantic flight, this should be plenty.

The green LEDs shift to red when you’re running low on charge, and start to beep when you’re nearly empty. You’ll need to plug in for two hours to get back up to full.


Published at Wed, 10 May 2017 11:00:00 +0000

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